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Carl blows harpYou've found it.  This is the site for the original SOUL TRADERS, the first, the finest and still the best band ever to use the name.  Over the years there've been many pretenders to the title, and imitation is indeed sincere flattery; but don't be fooled by our tribute bands, we are the genuine SOUL TRADERS.

The real SOUL TRADERS authentically reproduce the US Soul and R'n'B sounds of a classic era - not just emulating but re-vitalising standards by Otis, Aretha, the Wicked Pickett, Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, James Brown et al. They reflect the mastery of the Stax, Atlantic and Motown labels as well as delivering vintage funk from the likes of Johnny Guitar Watson, Bootsy Collins and beyond.Norman sings

We’ve all seen the ubiquitous Commitments and Blues Brothers tribute bands with their predictable acts, so you may ask “what’s new?”.  Well, the SOUL TRADERS go beyond the inevitable 'Soul Man' and 'Midnight Hour'.  They re-create not only the unique arrangements and instrumental sounds of the time, but more importantly deliver the energy, excitement and above all showmanship that typified the very best soul shows in their heyday.

  • Q: How many other bands play Otis Redding's highly stylized version of the Beatles’ 'Day Tripper', or the Beginning of the End’s 'Funky Nassau' back to back with Tom Scott’s 'Starsky and Hutch' theme or Gene Chandler's 'There Was a Time'?

  • A: None of your other generic "soul bands", that's for sure! 

This band makes all the others look pale. It is a 10-piece aural assault, guaranteed to get any crowd up and dancing within minutes.  With high stepping horns, driving rhythm section and hard working vocalists, natural ‘feel’ puts this band way ahead of all those who’ve jumped onto the same old Blues Brothers bandwagon. 

The SOUL TRADERS know that putting on a show means more than just putting on dark glasses

Take it to the bridge!

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